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Wet n Wild - Where’s the Party? 2012 - Limited edition - First Look

By 11/27/2012 , ,

I had completely forgot about this collection coming out, lots of family stuff happening, holidays, and other things were first priority I suppose. Anyway over the weekend I went on a search to find one specific palette from this collection.

Sparkle Til Morning was my target, I had to have it because of all the buzz going on about it. I ended up stopping at 3 Walgreen's in my area to no avail, needless to say I went home defeated. I decided to check out ebay (I rarely buy stuff on there that has to do with makeup, too many chances of fakes), I ended up seeing Sparkle Til Morning selling anywhere from $11 starting bid to a buy it now for $58! Nope I wasn't going to go that high, no chance of that like ever.

Anyway I ended up doing a call around to some stores that were a little farther out of the way, 4 stores later I had a winner. I squealed when I heard the words "Yes I have 2 of those left.", I composed myself again and calmly replied asking if she could hold both for me as I was driving 45 minutes away. She was quite nice and told me she'd be happy to hold them till the next day when I'd have a chance to grab them before work!

Of course being the impatient makeup addict that I am I hopped in my car and drove 45 minutes away to a small... very small town. I got there and walked to the cosmetics area to find that there, on the display sat two Sparkle Til Morning palettes and thought to myself (could there really be 4 total left and she didn't notice it? Or maybe she never bothered to hold them for me).

Anyway I grabbed those two and walked to the front register and asked if I could get help in cosmetics because they were holding something for me. I waited patiently till the lady came over, I advised her I had asked someone to hold something for me. She then pulled out a piece of paper with two eyeshadow palettes under them, these however were those cheap holiday palettes that you find in your present or stocking from a kind Aunt who didn't know the difference between good quality drugstore products and chalk bless her heart.

Needless to say I was disappointed that I had specified the words Wet N Wild and Sparkle Til Morning and instead found chalk on hold for me. I politely said nevermind, those ones are the wrong thing and let her know she could put them back.

I was still excited to get the 2 that I had and I ended up picking up the Shimmer The Night Away as well, I didn't bother picking up Drinking a Glass of Shine as it was the same thing as the I Matte's from a prior release.

Anyway onto the photos!

I will have a review up and swatches later on this week!

Do you own anything from this collection? What's your favorite?

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  1. Can´t wait to see the swatches.

  2. Love these palettes, I really want to get that re-release of I heart mattes version


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