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Be Back Soon!

By 11/06/2012

Well on top of my being sick I ended up pulling a back and shoulder muscle from coughing so much, so I will be back in a couple more days when I can actually devote time to swatching without keeling over. Till then here are some teaser pictures.

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  1. are those lime crime alchemy lipsticks?

  2. Feel better soon! :)


  3. Green! Green lips! <3

  4. Oh wow! I want to get both of these but I just *know* the green wont get on with me and my skintone. No matter how much I want it to look good on me, it just wont. Looks amazing on you though! Can't wait to see more photos!

  5. Hope you'll get better soon! :) Those lipsticks are fantastic, especially the green one.

  6. GREEN! Oh man that is super duper sexy. I can't wait for the post!


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