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Painful Migraine Night So....

By 10/25/2012

I shall entertain you with pictures of my puppy...

Hi my name is Sona, I'm 9 months old and my favorite things are playing with my toys, going bye bye, barking because I heard a strange noise, chasing the kitties, and destroying my Mom's clothes if she leaves them on floor at night while she sleeps.

Here I am at my first Veterinarian visit when I was only 4 months old, I enjoyed running between my owners feet and trying to trip them with my leash. I also really liked meeting the ladies at the vets office because they gave me delicious peanut butter things.

 After a long day of barking, playing tug with my rope toy, and trying my best to steal makeup off my Mom's vanity to chew up I get sooooo tired and yawn a lot making adorable noising (and silly faces).

Then I go and hangout with my friend Kitten on the couch, and somehow manage to run over the Xbox controller which conveniently rewinds or fast forwards the movies my Mom was watching.

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I'm sorry I don't have a post about makeup today but my head is about to explode (Migraines suck!) so I'm off to sit in a dark room with an icepack. I will be swatching away tomorrow to post some beautiful makeup tomorrow.

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