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Glamour Doll Eyes - 2012 Halloween Set 1 - Limited Edition

By 10/09/2012 , ,

Every year Glamour Doll Eyes releases Halloween Limited Edition Sets, these are usually limited to 100 each but this year I believe they were limited to 96 each so only 96 people will have them. I of course had to buy both sets, mainly because I haven't had a set that I didn't love.

Today I'll be doing a short review on Set 1, if you're interested in checking out Set 2 then read my previous post here.

Anyway onto the photos!

Swatched over Control Freak and Foil Me (Except Frankie's Girl).

What the site says:

Price: $16.00

Celebrate Halloween 2012 with some Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween inspired eye shadows. This entire set is VEGAN. In this set, you will receive these 4 shadows:

is a yellowy white with red and orange sheen.

Frankie's Girl is a matte "lime" green.

Gruesome is a a light pink with a satiny white/silver sheen.

Permanent Address is a dark metallicy brown with blue and red shimmer.

Full Jar (No Sifter): 2-2.5 grams of product in a 5 gram jar.

Each shadow will come packaged in a 5gram jar with a black lid. Each lid will have a special edition Halloween 2012 Label with the shadow name on the bottom. Each set of 4 shadows will come packaged in an adorable black and orange star organza bag. Each set is limited to 96 sets so only 96 people will have each specific color.

My Thoughts:

In this set Permanent Address is one of my favorites, it's different and I don't think I have a shadow that would be a dupe for it. All the shadows have nice texture, are very pigmented, and blend nicely.

Out of the two sets I would have to say Set 2 is still my favorite, mainly because I don't have anything that compares to that full set. Still if you don't have anything that compares to Permanent address or Frankie's Girl this set is something worth picking up (for $4 per each shadow it's definitely good price and quality).

Price: $16.00

Where to buy:

Do you own this set? What do you think?

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link.

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  1. Pretty! I like set 2 better though (and it's on it's way to me!). Who is the girl on the cards?

  2. Permanent adress is so pretty! Corpslike reminds me of shiro's likelike, which is one of my favorite highlight shades.

  3. Wow, all of these shades are so gorgeous! And they work so well with each other, but my favorite has to be the green shade!


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