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Beautylish Store - My Thoughts

By 10/12/2012

Not to long ago the site Beautylish opened up a store, the site started off by sending out invitations (not sure it's still that way) and I just happened to a notice about it within the first couple of days. It of course tempted me because the company it was selling was Sugarpill Cosmetics, ontop of loving that brand they tempted me with a palette I didn't own yet and a color that was originally offered at IMATS only that is Limited Edition.

The deal was if you purchased the new Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette for $34 you got the Limited Edition shadow called @#$%! free, yes it's REALLY called that. I of course couldn't pass it up because I had really wanted both of these, so I put on my cutest saddest puppy eyes for the husband... it didn't take long before he broke down and told me to go order (My husband is great and I love him, not just because he spoils me lol).

Anyway onto the photos!

My Thoughts:

I placed my order on 08/20/12 and recieved my package on 08/24/12,  everything I ordered was neatly wrapped and packaged well so nothing I got was damaged at all. Inside the package the extra little touches like the yellow tissue paper, silver stickers to seal everything, and cute little card were all a plus and showed care was taken

On top of the fast shipping, and great packaging they included the t-shirt (for my husband.... I'm probably going to steal it though lol), which means their team was paying attention to my tweets as I had mentioned my husband was sweet and let me place an order from them! It's always nice when a company pays attention to the social aspects of things and interacts with their customers!

All in all I would definitely play an order from the Beautylish online store, I also recommend joining the site as there is a ton of great ideas and articles on there along with a great community.

Did you order anything from Beautylish? Are you a member?

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