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Sleek Makeup - First Look

By 4/22/2012 , ,

A while back I won a giveaway that Sleek Makeup was hosting on their Twitter, I wasn't sure what the prize was but I was pretty happy when I got my package in the mail. I own a few other palettes that I got from a friend Anastasia of Lipstick & Lightsabers (she's on hiatus for now, miss her!) and I haven't posted them yet but plan to soon.

Sleek is a company in the United Kingdom and I believe the only place you can purchase the products are online on their website if you don't live in the UK (there may be some other places I'm sure though). I'm not sure what the international shipping is now but I think before it was a minimum cost of $13+ but now I see it is $10, although you'd probably want to pick up more then one thing since these palettes are around $10 each so I can't see paying $20 for one palette from having shipping higher.

Anyway onto the photos!

I was happy I got the Sunset palette as I didn't own this one yet.



Do you own any Sleep Makeup? What's your favorite(s)?

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  1. Sleek Eyeshadow palettes and their blushes are their best products, both have good pigmentation and texture.

  2. I have almost all the palettes, they're so rich and pigmented. I usually use them when I'm travelling because they're quite low cost as well. I've ventured into the blushers recently and am loving them despite having a fear of the overly-blushed look.

  3. I love the colors. Never heard of this company before so I will have to look into their products. Enjoy and Congrats on winning!


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