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Milani Cosmetics - 2012 Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows - First Look

By 4/15/2012 , ,

A while back I got a chance to check out the Milani Cosmetics Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows, the ones I got to try are the two new palettes for 2012 in Primary and Complementary. You can find these shadows on the Milani Website for $8.99 each as well as some local stores like Walgreen's, Target, K-Mart, ect.

Anyway onto the photos!


Do you own any of the Runway Shadow Palettes? What's your favorite(s)?

Disclaimer: Some product(s)  shown in this post may have been provided by the brand or their PR  representative for potential review or use. For more information, please  read the Disclosure  Policy.

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  1. Wow! Loving these cute palettes <3

  2. Keep seeing these palettes pop up, which I could pick them up easier in the UK.

  3. Beautiful palettes!


  4. Lakisha Gelb

    I got them a few days ago and had tried them on-- they looked absolutely fabulous! They were in bold colors and matched the color of my eyes perfectly. It seems the makeup lessons I took paid off with this one. XD


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