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Anastasia Beverly Hills - First Look - Surprise Package

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So today as the husband was backing out of our garage I noticed a delivery person was kind enough to drop a package (unexpected one at that) off leaning up against my garage door instead of the porch where it belonged. Note that they had delivered to my actual door step before... it wasn't like it was a mile away... it was just around the side of the house with a paved walkway and everything, all clear!

I was happy that it had not rained or anything or that we didn't back over it as we were leaving... I mean I admire hardworking delivery workers and applaud the bs they might have to deal with but come on.. leaving a packaging on the ground leaning up again a garage door with no cover? What if I had never noticed it was there or we backed over it with the car? What if it rained, what if a deer decided it wanted to wear makeup and took off with it? Then what... I'd never have known it was there and I'd be wondering why Bambi was wearing stellar lipgloss and Lash Genius.

Anyway onto the photos!

They sent along this, which was a neat touch!

It had a bunch of slides with different things about the products!


I'm really interest in trying this one out!

I will have swatches an a review up as soon as I get some free time (6 day work week this week).


Do you own any of these? What's your favorite Anastasia product(s)? 

Disclaimer: Some product(s)  shown in this post may have been provided by the brand or their PR  representative for potential review or use. For more information, please  read the Disclosure  Policy.

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  1. Great haul,
    Looking forward to your review!

  2. So cute. Looks like some fun colors!

  3. the only anastasia product I have is the eyebrow stencil kit. it's ok : ) i dislike when delivery people don't do it right, too!


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