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Morgana Cryptoria Lip Gloss - Review

By 11/27/2011 , , ,

I own about 4 Morgana Cryptoria Lipsticks... I of course being addicted to eyeshadows over lip products didn't think I needed to own many products pertaining to lips. Boy was I wrong, I've since changed my ways and proceeded to buy up a bunch.

Morgana Cryptoria has so many gorgeous shades to choose from so deciding what colors and what kind to purchase was not an easy thing to do. I wanted to try out the Lip Glosses and during Halloween they had this cute trident packing ($17 for 3 shades of gloss in mini tubes).

I also had to purchase some of the Gel Lipsticks, those however are for another post and will have their own separate post. One feature I LOVE about Morgana's Cryptoria website is that I can actually add onto my order if I forgot something, (or in my case want even more) and it has an option to add on so that it can be sent together and not ding you with another shipping charge.

Just a side note that right now there is currently a sale going on from the Black Friday to Cyber Monday thing, so not all the products are showing on the site/some are sold out.

Anyway, onto the gloss swatches!

Cute packaging!!

Liquid Gold!!

Ignore my no makeup face. :(

For Agamemnon's Mask I chose Buttercream scent, for the Trident glosses I opted to go with Red Licorice. Of course I believe there are other scent options or the option to not have any scent at all.

I should also note that after purchasing the shades in the trident I regret not picking up full sizes of those glosses because they are GORGEOUS!

Price: $12 for approximately 10grams or $5 for approximately 3.5grams .

Pros:  Very moisturizing, beautiful color payoff, scent options. Price is very reasonable for the quality/quantity. Website option to add onto an existing order is also a plus to me (I did add on because I saw more stuff I wanted lol). Packaged well, everything arrived safely and in cute little bags.

Cons:  The only thing that might be a con for some people is the shipping time, I personally have no issues with waiting longer (it is run by one person and these are handcrafted items, so keep that in mind and it's not even "that" long). Morgana's is so worth waiting for and the owner is extremely nice and easy to purchase from!!!

Would I order again: Definitely Yes! So far there is not a single item I have not loved that I purchased from here (I've actually just joined the Coven Membership as well as placed another order too)!

PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10
PRICE : 5/5

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  1. Oh my God. I *need* Agamemnon's Mask, like, yesterday. IT'S SO GORGEOUS.

  2. These glosses look and sound like great stuff. I like the idea of choosing your own scents. I didn't know about the add-on feature for orders - I agree, it's a great idea! And personally, I don't mind waiting for my goodies to arrive, either. :)

  3. Oh these look great! ugh mroe stuff I need! also got pointed to your blog from your spot on Phyrra, love it! :)

  4. @dull_flame I love it, I'm so glad I picked it up in a full size because it's so pretty!

    @Pearl Squirrel Yeah, Morgana does a fantastic job with lip products (still have to try the shadows/ect)!

    @Alicia The scents option is great! I love the red licorice and buttercream scents I got!

    @lycanthropica I keep saying that everytime I see people swatch stuff to lol. Also welcome and thanks for following! :D


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