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China Glaze - Let It Snow Set

By 11/27/2011 , ,

This is another China Glaze set I found at my local Sally Beauty, it cost $7.99 but if you are a Beauty Club member it's $6.99. I got the set because for just a single nail polish I believe it ran around $5.99 or $6.99 each, so the set is a really nice deal.

It comes with a miniature snow globe, although I find it's kind of a sad snow globe because it looks like the bottom was squished before it hardened. Of course not that it's suppose to be a stellar item since it's just like getting a free toy with your meal... but still.

Blue Year's Eve kind of has a shift of purple in it, I couldn't really capture that in photos though.

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  1. They chose well in this set, teaming the blue with the glitter top coat.

  2. Really nice set!
    You're so lucky! I sometime find on blogs people who find a whole set of color club polish for 7$, when you know that here in france, the cheaper we get for one CC polish is 3$ plus 16$ of shipping charges.. And in euros you can find one polish at something like 8 or 9 euros + shipping again.. It's the same for other brands..


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