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Adore Me Intimates - Launching Today

By 11/17/2011 ,

I'm pretty much an all online shopper, I dislike stores and crowds so getting products online (unless it's an immediate must or is a foundation that needs color matching) is very convenient and just works for me. I dislike that fact when I don't need help I get 7-8 people in a row asking me if I need it and then when I REALLY do need help I can't find anyone.

What is Adore Me? In their words:

"We are different than other lingerie brands because Adore Me is a subscription based eCommerce website, that offers women a personalized selection of lingerie, picked by professional Stylists each month! Price is a steal at only $39.95 per lingerie set, free shipping, free exchanges."
For further information on this check out their How it Works page.

I've been slacking in the lingerie department as of late, but I'm pretty curious to check this out and for $39.95 per set, free shipping, and free exchanges what else could I ask for? Not to mention who wouldn't want their own showroom picked by a stylist just for them?

Check out their Facebook Page for more information!

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