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Morgana Cryptoria - Belated Review

By 9/11/2011 , ,

So a long, long time ago... in a makeup drawer not so far away, I realized I never posted a review. I had bought these eons ago (October 2010) and due to wedding non sense as well as other things put the review on a back burner. Plus I'm not one to do lipstick reviews since my fortes is more for eye shadows. Of course the recent excitement and swatch photo's that the owner of Morgana Cryptoria has posted made me remember I had to get this done!

Realize these photos are old and so they don't look as "professional" as the recent ones I've taken. I'll have another post soon with some of the new lip glosses hopefully after they are released. :)

Note: because this was from a while ago some shades are no longer on the site, she has made some shades that are even more gorgeous looking though! Also they have eye shadows which I hope to try in the future!

I unfortunately didn't get a picture of Sub Zero I will have to add that in.

I absolutely love, love, love Valentine and Pumpkin Eater for every day looks!

Price: $12.00, a very reasonable price for such fantastic color pay off.

Pros:  The lipsticks are highly pigmented and go on smooth, they are not drying at all like other pigmented lipsticks can be. The range of shades are gorgeous and the fact I can buy pretty much any color of the rainbow plus some is awesome.

Cons: I found no cons with the lipsticks, does not having money to buy every single one count? I guess the only thing that might be considered a con was the occasional imperfections in the sticks, but that is to be expected with any hand crafted lipstick (or even any lipstick in general) and it certainty didn't affect the use of the products so I don't count this as bad at all.

Would I order again: Definitely Yes! I love the fact she creates lipstick shades that are not the norm, the lipsticks are not drying at all for them being so pigmented and the price is very reasonable for such uniqueness in range of color and quality. I cannot wait to try out the lip glosses and lip balms! She also has some foundation that I want to try out as I've heard they blend well into the skin.

PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10
PRICE : 5/5

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  1. These are great swatches, thanks! I've always wanted to get some MC lipsticks, I might have to this payday :P

  2. Oo absolutely love the Valentine lip color.

  3. @Phoenix I definitely would check MC out! I need to place another order too but also waiting until payday or actually until we buy are house! (lots of surprise costs in buying a home) :(

    @Untypically Jia Valentine is one of my favorites! I didn't see it on the site anymore although I'm sure she has a color that might be close!

  4. Beautiful! I really love Valentine. I will have to check these out. :)


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