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MAC Fall Colour: Lightscapade - First Look

By 9/29/2011 ,

In December 2006 in the MAC Collection release called Danse is when Lightscapade first came out, I myself missed out on it because I didn't get into MAC until 2008. I looked everywhere for it, I'm pretty pale and this one looks gorgeous, alas I searched to no avail. At least not for a reasonable price as places like ebay not only risked high prices ($100+) but also risked fake products. 

Finally 5 years later... MAC listened to our pleading and brought back Lighscapade. It appeared to sell out quickly online, currently as I write this it's still showing sold out on the site. I ordered it as soon as I noticed it was out which was 09/24/11, I checked a couple days later and it was gone. So I'm guessing it's probably going to continue to go fast! Anyway onto the first look!

MAC Fall Colour: Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish

I'll have swatches of this and a review as well as comparison to the Revlon - Pure Confection Highlighting Face Powder which is also discontinued.

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  1. I'd looove to get my hands on this as I like highlighters with pastel marbling, but I figured it would be just as sought after as Stereo Rose that I didn't bother asking for a CP XD I guess I'll be living vicariously through everyone else!

  2. I grabbed one last night but kinda bummed mine is skimpy on the blue veining :( I was the first to buy one from the store! Go me! She had to unwrap it :D I think I'm too dark to pull it off but when I saw this on blogs a few years ago I was kicking myself in the butt for not knowing MAC back then, and missing out. No more missing out!

  3. @Silhouette Screams Yeah I was going to buy a couple extras! One for a backup and one to giveaway, but when I went back to see about possibly buying them they were sold out. :(

    @KittenMittens Yeah I'm disappointed mine didn't have much blue veining either. :( I wish I had a MAC store right by me so I could ACTUALLY look at the one I'm buying.


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