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Shiro Cosmetics: Makeup with a Gamer Seal of Approval

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 Shiro Cosmetics

Recently Anastasia of Lipsticks and Lightsabers did a post showing a new indie company called Shiro Cosmetics. The thing that caught my eye first and foremost were the names as well as the packaging, names like Link, Pikachu, Zora, and Jigglypuff to name just a few. I mean how named after characters in video games how could I not love that?

Then I saw the packaging, full size jars are labeled with stickers of a tri-force or a Pokeball! That's just awesome! I grew up playing Zelda.....and pokemon I remember watching too, as well as playing around with the games. These are cool looking/sounding shadows, why the hell wouldn't I want to catch them all?

So after staring at the swatches on Ana's site I decided to try a couple out and placed a small order for two full size jars. After mulling it all over I ended up ordering Zora and Rattata. I placed my order on November 9th, 2010 at 10:03am Est. at the Etsy shop. So of course I figured it must have to take a little bit of time so at least a day or two before it ships right? Much to my surprise I received this the same day in my Etsy message box:

At this point I was pretty impressed....I mean...I got a message already saying that it was shipping out that day and an order tracking #. I'm not sure how busy a day it was because I know the she had said she had to up the shipping time just a day or so on twitter because of the amount of orders she got in from Ana's blog post, but even so still was impressed the fact she sent me a message letting me know. :)

Anyway, I received my order on November 12th, 2010 around 4pm....I think I would of actually received it on the 11th but that was a Holiday so the USPS was not working that day. Again impressed at the quick shipping time. I jumped up and down and couldn't wait to open it and start snapping pictures to blog about.

When I opened it I was impressed to see how nice it was package, nothing out of order everything neatly packed in a pretty bag with a business card attached.

The folded receipt shows pictures of the shadows which is pretty nice and I'm sure helps out with keeping things in order. The little note from the Seller stating I can contact her if there is anything at all I have questions on and a reference to let me know I can even send her a message just to tell her my favorite pie. :)

I then started to open the bag and realized on the back of the business card there was something written.

I definitely love the little handwritten notes from companies I buy from, it adds personal touch to it which you don't often see now days with the bigger companies.

I was originally mulling over getting Majora's Mask but I didn't see an option to buy that one as a single full size (possibly my own fault because I've never bought through Etsy before lol). I was ecstatic to see that she included 2 free samples and one was Majora's Mask. :) Again everything neatly packed and nothing broken or out of sorts!

Note: I showed my man (also a gamer not into makeup) a picture of the jar labels on Ana's site and he said "I love the tri-force one!! Those are awesome!"

Look at those cool labels on the jars!!! I love them! Anyway the info on the listing for the amount of product states the following:

"You will receive a 5-gram jar, packed full of shadow, with a sifter. This is not the same as 5 grams of product, as it's packed by volume, not weight. Depending on the density of the shadow, you'll get between 1.8 and 2 grams - enough to last you a very, very long time! Individual mini and sample sizes are available on my website,"

The bottom of the jars and labels on the sample baggies show the name of the shadow as well as the ingredients. I like the labels on the sample baggie as it is almost a cardboard material which I could remove and stick onto a jar if I decide to transfer from the baggies.

The price varies depending on how many shadows you purchase, samples range from 15 for $12.75 all the way up to 30 for $24.00, single full size jars are $5 for singles or 10 for $45.00 up to 15 for $63.75, mini jars range from 5 for $13.50 all the way up to 30 for $72.00. I find the prices very reasonable for the amount you get.

Anyway let's get to the swatches so you guys can see the pretty product!

Note: swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.

My camera couldn't pick up the amount of gorgeous sparkle in Majora's Mask, you have to see these in person....but personally these swatches would be enough to make me want to check them out. :)

I found the shadows to be easily applied, not chalky, I haven't tried a look with them yet but I plan to shortly, so far I can say I can't wait to see what is next for Shiro Cosmetics...what new collection will they release? So excited to see and can say so far from what I can see this is company isn't just a pretty cool's a pretty awesome product too!

Price? definitely reasonable, shipping was only $2.50, and the store shows shipping to everywhere else outside of the US as $3.50.

Packaging? neatly packed, nothing spilled, love the little personal touch and the bag, the labels are awesome! 

Product? Vibrant, goes on smooth and seems to blend well.

Would I purchase again? Heck yeah! Not only does it appeal to the gamer girl in me but the shadows are definitely worth buying and at a reasonable price. :)

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  1. Don't you love it? I really really love Zora, it's one of my favorites. And my boyfriend said the same thing! He told me to get Triforce but I didn't, then ended up getting it as a free sample :D

  2. She is always fast with shipping. One time both me and my other writer on my blog ordered pretty much at the same time and when she didn't get hers and found out it was lost in the mail Shiro got straight onto it and shipped new ones straight out with excessive extras to apologise for the small wait.

    Very great company.

  3. Wow! I'd probably buy these just for the packaging cos it's totally awesome! I'm not even a gamer (though I've been known to neglect my friends for world of warcraft now n then!) but these are très cute

    Judging by the swatches the quality actually looks really really good and I adore the colours you've gone for

    Dont you just love trying a new company and being completely impressed? Nice touch with the little hand written message too :)

  4. OMG! These are too gorgeous for words. I love the color combination of the 4 of these, I think they'd look awesome all together! Man...I don't know how much longer I can resist ordering from Shiro. I'm pretty much on a no-buy, but...the preeeeeeetty, it calls to me!

  5. I loooove Rattata and Shiro. Caitlin always has such awesome customer service and is so sweet. Great swatches! ^__^

  6. i think i might get some! my man is a gamer so I cant wait to order these and show him, he usually rolls his eyes at me when I buy makeup cuz he knows i have a lot but I think he'll get a smile out of these

  7. Not to be a superstalker or anything, but I happen to have all those colors and I know, they're soooo gorgeous! I had thought Gyarados would be my ultimate blue, but Caitlin included Majora's Mask as my free sample and it's amazing. I've also had reason to contact her on more than one occasion and have always found her replies to be prompt, helpful and professional.

    She also sold me extra stickers so I could pwn my other makeup jars :D More colors that are total win include Gengar, Ganandorf, Temple of Time and Link (ultimate matte-ish forest green).

  8. Oops, forgot to mention Veran. It's navy blue but with the most incredible range of sparkles in it ... a must-have!!


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