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Hair Straightener....What would I do without you....

By 11/09/2010

I'd frizz....and never wear my hair down...that's pretty much all there is to that. I have been using a hair straightener since I could remember. First with the cheapo kind you can buy for $12 at Wal-mart.....then after I became an adult I graduated to finally listening to a stylist and buying a Chi straighter for a slightly pricey amount (at least pricey is what I thought at the time). Now I'm considering buying a new one because frankly I can't live without one and the one I own is getting old.

I'm currently on the search for a new one and I've been checking out Hair Straightener Review trying to decide what the best hair straightener is. I definitely will never buy a cheapo Wal-mart one's more than worth the extra money to get a quality item that works well and is going to last. :)

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  1. I have two titanium-plated straigteners- one BabyLiss Pro and one T.i. straightener. Both are amazing. I would suggest either a BabyLiss if you can get your hands on one or a Paul Mitchell (those are easier to find and, in my experience, far superior to CHI irons).

  2. I have fine, curly hair with straight roots.. random, I know. I have an InfraShine. It heats up quickly.. is narrow and has rounded edges so I can curl my hair with it if I want, or go stick straight. It has multiple heat settings, so you don't fry your hair too bad. I've had it for 5 years or so and it's going strong. Previously I had a Corioliss.. biggest POS ever.. Anyhow.. this one ran about $120 or so.. not cheap, but not the most expensive either. :)

  3. There is always GHD straightener. Popular for a reason. I love mine!

  4. I'm the same unfortunately... I could never get away with wearing my hair down if I hadnt straightened it first. I adore my GHDs and although I dont use them every day they're seriously awesome for days when I wanna wear my hair down and have to straighten it quickly :)


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