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I'm Back!!

By 2/05/2014

It seems like every time I'm ready to get started again and blog my heart out one thing or another happens in real life to cause enough mischief that I have to put my makeup aside for a while. Welp that happened yet again, in terms of a family emergency.

I also just recently got let go from my job (although that's kind of a blessing because it was just a depressive place to be all together and sucked the life out of me), so now I'm on the hunt for a new job! In the mean time though I have plenty of free time to start blogging again (plus we've been snowed in FOREVER it seems), so I'll be back at it again in the next couple of days after I've had a chance to pull out all the makeup I'm behind on reviewing.

I hope you're all doing AMAZING and I can't wait to do some more post for you!

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