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Glamour Doll Eyes - OTM - February 2014

By 2/25/2014 , ,

I Bought This Affiliate Links

I've been extremely behind on everything, but I wanted to get back on track with showing the Glamour Doll Eyes OTM subscription. If you want to read about what it is be sure to check it out on their website.

Anyway onto the photos!

Swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
This months color is absolutely gorgeous, I was very excited when I opened it up and saw just how beautiful it was and to top it off it blends very well and is very pigmented!

Dark Heart Designs Centaur's Wisdom
Along with the Glamour Doll Eyes shadow they also included an extra item from Dark Heart Designs, this does add a nice sparkle and at first from the bottle kind of reminded me of Lorac's 3D Liquid Lustre. When applied though it's more runny in texture and doesn't give that "pow" sparkle factor that the Lorac Liquid Lustre does, mind you it's still a very pretty shimmer if you're looking for something very subtle.

Are you part of the OTM subscription? What are your thoughts?

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