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Sugarpill Cosmetics - Cold Chemistry Palette - Review & Swatches

By 9/07/2013 , , ,

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Last month Sugarpill Cosmetics released their long awaited Cold Chemistry palette, I ended up picking it up right away of course.  Sugarpill has been really amazing with great quality products at a reasonable price with cute packaging!

Anyway onto the photos!

Left to Right: Soot & Stars, Diamond Eyes, Elemental Chaos, Subterranean

My Rating:  10 out of 10 Feathers

Cost:  $34.00 for Net Wt. 3.5 grams / .12 oz. × 4


Formula:  With previous pressed shadows from Sugarpill these are equally buttery smooth, the pigmentation is amazing and I had no difficulty blending them.

The Packaging:  I really love the packaging on this one, it's lighter and more narrow then the other palettes. As always the design is pretty awesome as well and I love the way they made the mirror look like a piece of shattered glass/gem. I'm all about the blues and greens so I also love the combination in this one.

My Final Thoughts:  Sugarpill has done it yet again, they've come out with a great quality set of shadows with super cute packaging. I would definitely recommend this palette or any of them bought single. If I had to pick a favorite(s) I'd have to say I love Soot & Stars and Subterranean, but again it's tough to choose a single one as I love them all.

Would I purchase again?  Definitely! I love this palette and the color in it, again I recommend picking this one up if you love this range of colors.

Do own this palette? What's your favorite color(s)?

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  1. Soot & Stars is beautiful. I like the packaging x

  2. Gaaah! I am *so* looking forward to purchasing the three vegan colours from this collection!!

  3. Aaaahh this is so gorgeous!


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