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Sleek Makeup - i-Divine Candy Eyeshadow Palette - Review & Swatches - Limited Edition

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Recently Sleek Makeup released their new i-Divine Candy Collection, I ended up picking up the full collection which consists of an eyeshadow palette, blush trio, and a lip paint. This collection is limited edition as well so if you decide you want to get it ensure you do it before they run out!

Anyway onto the photos!

(note: swatched over UDPP and taken in direct sunlight)
Strawberry Sherbert, Bon Bon, Parma Violet, Apple Sour, Pear Drop, Flump
Liquorice, Blue Fizzle, Aniseed, Bubble Gum, Mint Cream, Cream Soda

My Rating:   10 out of 10 feathers

Cost:   $9.99 for 12 x 1.1 g


Formula:   I'm really impressed with the formula on these shadows especially since this a drugstore brand, all the shadows are really pigmented and have a really smooth texture. There seems to be shimmer shadows but also some more matte ones as well so it makes it a nice combo. I didn't find any of these shadows to be powdery which can sometimes be a problem with drugstore brands.

The packaging:  I like the packaging that Sleek Makeup uses as it's well... sleek! It's nothing super fancy and it's thin and light weight so it would be very easy to carry with you if you were traveling.

My Final Thoughts:  I really love this palette! All the shades are pretty (although Liquorice is obviously just a standard matte black and not anything particularly special), and they go on very pigmented very easily without any effort. Some of the gorgeous and more unique shades are Blue Fizzle and Aniseed. Blue Fizzle kind of is a denim blue with almost a purple hint to it when the light hits it just right, and Aniseed is a red with kind of a pinkish peach hint to it.

Would I purchase again?  Yes! I would definitely purchase this palette again, of course it's limited edition so I would suggest if you fancy it to pick it up straight away! I actually had picked up an extra just in case I loved it and of course since I'm in the US and had to pay international shipping cost I figured what the heck and got a backup. I was also extremely impressed with the shipping time, I ordered it on 06/20/13 and received it on 06/25/13 which is incredibly fast for shipping international!

Did you/will you be picking up this palette? What's your favorite color(s)?

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  1. I like the purples and pinks the best there such pretty shadows! Great review as well!

  2. I love the pinks and purples too, Strawberry Sherbert, Bon Bon, Blue Fizzle and especially Aniseed which looks like such an interesting colour! I also like the subtly of Cream soda as well. I'm trying really hard not to get this palette, but it looks so good. I love the Acid Palette and Sleek products are great quality for such a low price, not to mention your review is drawing me towards a big YES, so as I said, it's making my money saving a hard task. I am slightly worried about doubling up with similarity to Sugarpill eyeshadows and pigments, but I think these are different shades. I really like the blush by three in the Candy Collection as well as a few of the other trio blushes too. I think I'm going to try to finagle a way to purchase them today. here I come.....


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