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Sleek Makeup - i-Divine Candy Collection - First Look

By 7/03/2013 , , , ,

I Bought This

Recently Sleek Makeup released a new collection called i-Divine Candy, this collection is a Limited Edition set that consist of an Eyeshadow palette, Blush palette, and a Pout Paint. I decided to pick up this and a few other things as well since I had to pay international shipping cost and of course being I live in the States it takes a little longer normally to get things. I will have swatches a review up in the next week or two (probably sooner though since it's LE)!

Anyway onto the photos!

Have you picked up any of these? What's your thoughts?

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  1. The palette looks great the colours look so fun!

  2. I'm really interested in this collection. I hope it doesn't sell out before I make my decision to finally buy it. I want the palette and the blush trio and want to pick up some of their other blush by 3 palettes.
    Have you tried out the blush or palette and can you give me a nudge as to whether you would advise getting it? ;-)

    1. I haven't tried the stuff out yet, I do know that a TON of people say the blushes are amazing though!

      I will post it up as soon as I have tried them out which I'm hoping to do this weekend (going to Chicago tomorrow so will be gone till Sunday or it would of been sooner).


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