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Something always comes up.... Birthday months are Hectic!

By 8/17/2012

I'm sorry for the semi MIA, I've got a puppy to deal with along with 40 hour work weeks and family things that come up. To top it all off my birthday was this month (August 6th to be exact) so I have been off every weekend with friends or the family celebrating in turn, this Saturday I'll be off again with my parents to celebrate.

I was also waiting on new daylight bulbs because I'm never home during those "perfect daytime hours" you know... the time when the sun hits your window just right so you have that amazing true color to your pictures, so I've been trying to wait on those lights to start retaking all my product photos and swatches.

Tonight I was trying to figure out what setup I should do like where to put each light and what angle to hold the camera, all that jazz. Anyway here are some teaser shots of a few Fyrinnae shadows to show what I have so far. I will begin working on product photos and reviews tomorrow and finish them sometime next year I'm sure lol.

On another side note if I don't happen to reply to any tweets, e-mails, or comments it's mainly because I end up sidetracked by something else. Feel free to give me another message or what not if I haven't responded. I really wish that I had my full day to spend on my beauty blogging as I love doing it so much but unfortunately I'm swamped with all those other obligations and real life stuff. I will be getting more organized though and I'm hoping to have something happen that will allowed me to possibly be able to devote 20+ hours of my week to blogging *crosses fingers*.

Fyrinnae - Dinosaur Plushie

Fyrinnae - Druid Werewolf

Fyrinnae - Victoria Vamp

Random puppy picture for the Rainbowify Me :)

Sona my puppy

She likes to make this face a lot, almost reminds me of...

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