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Sigma Paris Palette - Limited Edition - Swatches Part 1

By 8/26/2012 ,

I decided to do my swatch post before my final review in two parts, I will have the part 2 up as soon as I get some good daylight to do them (it's raining outside currently).

Remember this palette is Limited Edition, you can grab it here.

Anyway onto the photos!

Top half over Pixie Epoxy Bottom over  UDDP Daylight

Flash: Eiffel, Seine, Louvre, Orsay

Do you own this palette? What's do you think? 

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link.

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  1. These colors are so gorgeous!!

  2. I really ain't a fan of Sigma make-up, but then again I haven't tried a single product apart from the brushes so far. So how would I know, but it simply doesn't appeal to me, however, these swatches look gorgeous and I like the UDPP ones better than the PE ones.

  3. @Anna Yeah I wasn't sure about their eyeshadows at first, after seeing Xsparkage's looks though I had to get this one at least. Of course I am a huge sucker for blue shadows and these ones looked gorgeous. :)

  4. Absolutely awesome swatches! I love your angles, very artistic and attractive. You do make them look gorgeous, but I agree that sigma makeup doesn't really rock my world.

  5. oh my godddddd these shades are so luscious. totally dying to get this palette. thanks for swatching! :)


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