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Nabi - Magnetic Polish - First Look

By 3/12/2012 , ,

On Saturday after the husband and I stopped into my local Walgreen's, I was mainly looking for some new stuff in terms of makeup. I happened to come across this display with these magnetic polishes, I immediately set in mind to ask the lady working in that area how much they were but expected they might be around $10+.

 So I tracked her down and asked, the answer she gave me was very surprising, "$4 each and once those are sold out I don't think we'll have them in stock anymore" she replied. I was pretty excited but not sure about the quality so I held back and only purchases two. They had two pattern designs that I noticed but may have had more, I will have to check again when I go back.

Anyway onto the photos!

This was just a quick messy swatching of them, I will have better ones up soon and a review.


Do you own any of these? What's your favorite(s)?

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