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Use of my photos without credit/permission (Read on)

By 9/06/2010

Due to finding some of my pictures without watermarks floating around on peoples websites without asking permission of use I am currently removing any old pictures without the watermarks. I will add them back up later once I've had a chance to do this.

Please if you use my photos ask permission or link back to my site.

Also if you currently are using my picture without a watermark or a link back to my site/credit then please add this info on or remove the picture from your site. I have no issues with people asking me to use them or giving proper credit.

Also I will consider this to be immediate disqualifications for any giveaways/contest that I host in the future if I happen along them....(just to give fair warning).

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  1. What sites do your images pop up on? I never even thought to watermark mine, I hope nobody is yoinking them as well :(

  2. @KittenMittens I sent you a DM on Twitter.

  3. People are just so rude!!
    Haven't found out how to do a proper watermark yet.

  4. People can be so rude! Sorry that you're going through this! Kinda makes me think I should start watermarking mine, just in case. :S

  5. Well done, girl! People do not have the right to copy!!

  6. thanks for this post.. i am going to start WM my photos now.. and thanks for the add! i love your skillz yo


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