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Sugarpill's New Loose Eyeshadow Shades!

By 9/03/2010

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I was looking at the Sugarpill site (being that it is so pretty and all I do that sometimes) and I noticed on the front page they had 7 new loose eyeshadow colors for 7 new reasons to get Addicted to Pretty! So I clicked to find some very pretty and promising shades.

I own 4 of the loose eyeshadows currently (I still have to post swatches and pictures I am very behind right now) I have Royal Sugar which is just breathtaking and one of the sparkly most gorgeous blues, Junebug which is described as forest green with a burst of diamonds, Goldilux which just shines golden beauty, and Absinthe which is a lime green with yellow undertones. I will throw up some swatches/pictures shortly.

I plan to try and purchase at least 2 of the new Sugarpill colors (currently suppose to be on a no buy because I have to take 2 months off for personal/health reasons) but being a beauty blogger I am compelled to blog about these with swatches lol!

For now check them out on the site!

Birthday Girl - Sweet princess pink with iridescent fuchsia sparkles.

Darling - Stunning teal loaded with iridescent turquoise star bursts.

Magentric - Metallic deep magenta with a dazzling turquoise sheen.

Paperdoll - Lovely lavender with dazzling shimmer and sparkle.

Stella - The blackest of jet blacks, bursting with rainbow diamond sparkle.

Tipsy - High-shimmer true grass green.

Weekender - Metallic blue-violet with intense sparkle and sheen.

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  1. How would you compare them (the chromalusts that you already have) to other loose shadows? Idk, people RAVE about them, but they don't seem all that unique. I mean, don't get me wrong! They look soooo pretty, I just don't want to end up with dupes :-/

  2. I'll do some swatching later against the colors I thought would be similar and you can see. :) I know every company sometimes has dupable colors so it's possible some colors out there might look similar. I'll swatch some of the colors with colors I thought might have been the same but weren't! I know Royal Sugar is gorgeous and I don't own anything close to it! Works awesome with Pixie Epoxy too!

  3. I already ordered some new ones haha couldn't resist. I got Stella, Darling, and Paperdoll. ^-^
    I'll definitely swatch when I get them!

  4. sweet! I must have looked a day early I didn't see them when I was dreamin I had money lol


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