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My Vanity Setup...

By 8/22/2010 ,

Decided to re-organize my vanity (still a work in progress trying to get everything the way I want it) I figured I'd throw this post up because I know I love looking at peoples setup to get ideas.

I will post more pictures on some sample jar storage I have as well as where I keep my pigments and palettes later on.

Here's my first setup I had back in the first month of collecting....really fun to see what you started with and how out of control it can get in only a year or so lol.

Now for after a year or so of addiction....

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  1. Wow, you're well organized! Where did you get your Vanity from? x

  2. @VampiressDoll From Ikea, it's the Malm short..they had a longer/taller one but they discontinued it although you might find it on clearance (I didn't have room for that one though.) :(


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