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By 5/01/2010

So I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and found out my issue was being caused by a lymph node in the back of my knee that was infected/blocked which was causing my whole foot/ankle/leg to swell up. I could go into detail but it's too much so I'll say that he has me on a natural supplement that is raising my T cells to fight the infection off and I'm not feeling constantly tired as much anymore. The swelling still happens but doesn't seem to get as bad which is good and he did tell me it would take a few weeks to go away at least.

In short I'll start posting more looks, hauls and reviews since I have more Sugarpill to show as well as some other things. I've been mauling over the idea of buying an airbrush system from Dinair, Temptu, or Obsessive Compulsive to review but am unsure if I want to shell out that amount of funds right now....but we'll see as I really do want to try airbrushing since I have bad luck with foundations in general not looking right on me and being too drying/cakey or too wet feeling.

Plus with my wedding coming up in October I'd like the idea that I could do my own foundation and look flawless in a snap!

Another thing I plan to do when I get more subscribers to my blog/youtube/twitter is throw out some giveaways...I've always liked the idea of letting others get a chance to try out new brands as well as old brands. I plan to do some giveaways with MAC, Sugarpill, Fyrinnae, ect in the prize packs so we'll see how things go!

Have a wonderful Saturday night everyone!

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