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By 4/10/2010

I do have quite a bit of things I would like to blog about, right now though I'm dealing with trying to figure out some health issues....I saw a doctor and he just prescribed me a pill and sent me home...the prescription has some really fantastic side effects...

"Irregular heartbeat, fatique, confusion, ect, ect..." Why would I want to take that when he could just look further and tell me prevention methods or actually figure out the problem in the first place??? Anyway I have an appointment to see a doctor who figured out why I had migraines since I could remember when no one else could after 20+years tell me anything! This doctor is fantastic and I owe him my lack of daily/weekly migraines. Anyway I do plan to do more tutorials post some (5 gram pigment jar organizers) I found and possibly post some hauls and or collection stuff....I have a bunch of stuff I like to use so I might review those once I've seen my normal doctor and find out if this is lifethreatening.

Please let me know if you guys want me to post anything or if you're interested in stuff I own/love being shown/reviewed. I need to do a cataloging of what I own for my own purposes just incase for things like my home insurance might need (never know what could happen).

Anyway I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for commenting and joining the blog/subscribing! :)

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