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Hare Polish - First Look

By 12/16/2013 , ,

I Bought This  

Now as most of you know I'm not a huge blogger on nail polish, that being said I don't tend to purchase polishes that often. My main reason for not wearing polish that often is that I use my hands a lot at my daily job, house cleaning, taking care of animals, and video gaming (among other things).

Of course with the usage of my hands a lot I tend to only have the polish survive a couple days if even, this is why I tend to stay away from even bothering painting my nails. A few weeks back (or longer) Temptalia posted a review on an Etsy seller shop called Hare Polish, I was floored by how gorgeous and unique these polishes were and had to check them out!

Hare Polish releases collections and can get sold out pretty fast, so you may want to keep an eye on their blog site here for release updates on when they will be stocking their store. I will have a review and posts up in the next couple of weeks (I'd say this week but I'm already behind on a bunch of other posts, that being said I'll be back to normal posting now that my medical issues are somewhat better).

Anyway onto the photos!

Do own any Hare Polish? What's your favorite color(s)?

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