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Tarina Tarantino - Pearl Glow Primer - First Look

By 4/13/2013 , ,

I Bought This
A while back I had gotten the Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Primer as a deluxe sample to test out, I tend to have a ton of primers and foundations already so I don't normally purchase full sizes unless I really love them.

Sephora ended up phasing out the Tarina Tarantino products a while back so I ended up purchasing the primer for $20.00, normally it sells for $32 so I couldn't really pass it up. I will have a full review up on this as well as some swatches of it in the next week or so.

Anyway onto the photos!

Do you own any thing from Tarina Tarantino? What's your favorites?

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  1. It has instructions in my language (Croatian)! This is a first :D I've heard of TT, but never came across it in any of the stores here. Which is kinda confusing, since the product is obviously made for our market, given the use of Croatian and Serbian language on the box.


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