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Dental Surgery = No Fun

By 3/15/2013

Nothing To Disclose

So yesterday I had to have a tooth surgically removed (a back meaningless molar thankfully) that was causing me issues one of which was making me feel ill for the last 1-2 weeks. Throw that on top of family stress and you have a very sick Crow!

Needless to say I am extremely weak, drowsy, nauseated, and having a bit of face pain at the moment. I will have some posts up tomorrow and Sunday with some more beauty products/swatches, for now though here's my cute Sona pup just chillin'!

She loves to sit like this for some reason lol

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  1. She looks so serious :) like a Lady :D

    hope you feel well soon

    BTW I have noticed something on your site the last few post everything you have on the left side for example the banners about the give away, follow by etc
    are jumping up and down, like when a pc get a virus.

    1. Yeah she does that a lot and it's so adorable :D

      Thank you! Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be feel better, just the pain medication makes me feel so out of it.

      That's strange, I haven't seen that and I look at it on several different computers often through out the day. Do you mean the Popular Posts area or different ones? :/

    2. Yes , where the popular post are, it is really jumping it doesn't stop moving

    3. That's strange, I removed it then re-added it... are you still getting that issue?


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