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Another Suprise - Husband is a Sneak!

By 6/15/2012

So yesterday while I was at work, my husband calls and tells me he is bringing lunch in and ask me what I would like. So he shows up like an hour later and drops the bags on my desk and heads off to work (he works close to where I do so often grabs me lunch). About 5 minutes later I finally get the chance to open the bags up and grab my friends lunch out to give it to him and proceed to take mine to go eat it in the break room. Anyway so I open up the biggest bag (this one normal contains the salads and miso soup, sauces ect), instead I see this box that says "Nikon D5100"!

So I'm standing up gasping with my hand over my mouth and turning red because OMG this is the camera I've been wanting to get but wasn't able to afford and was told by the husband we'd have to wait to "possibly if even" get by my birthday in August if I was lucky lol.

Needless to say he is the sneakest and sweetest husband, and I still can't believe he did this. <3

Anyway I ended up testing it out by putting on some Fyrinnae Callipygian eyeshadow (no foundation or anything and lighting isn't natural).

The color is amazing compared to my old camera, and of course the detailing and sparkle comes out sooooo clear. I can't wait to take product photos and do my looks now! I still have a lot to learn about it since it has a lot more options compared to my old Cannon Powershot S750, but so far I'm loving it!

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  1. You've got a really sweet husband.
    It's funny, 'cause i recieved my Box with the same Camera today,
    I'm soooo excited to test it.


  2. Oh, wow! What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do! :) and a super awesome camera.

  3. Aww he sounds so sweet! What a nice surprise :D

    The color quality is really going to pop!

  4. Most gorgeous eye EVERRRR!
    You have a sweet husband! Sometimes they are so lovely like that.

  5. Oh wow congratulations! What a sweetheart he is!

  6. Fantastic lunch indeed :D
    Congrats on the new toy - you're very lucky! :)

  7. Such a good husband! My boyfriend did close to the same thing when he gave me my camera for my birthday!

    Boston Princess

  8. You lucky lucky duck! Looking forward to some amazing pictures on your blog!

  9. Thank you everyone!! :)

    @K-ro Yay, congrats on your new camera as well! :D

  10. So sweet! My boyfriend bought my SLR for me last year for my birthday. He handed me his dirty work shirts that he had gotten out of his car and they were wrapping the box. I definitely didn't mind doing his laundry after that. Yay for good men and surprises!


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