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My Reason for being slightly MIA....

By 5/18/2012

Life has been EXTREMELY busy... not only did I have a family emergency i.e. son got appendicitis and had to be in the hospital for a week after having it removed, then work being strange hours, and the most recent reason I have been busy...

I ended up adopting this adorable ball of energy... my new family addition Sona (yes Sona from League of Legends). She is a 4 month old Collie Aussie mix that is full of energy and has me watching her 24/7, I am pretty much living on 3-4 hours of sleep if I'm lucky! It's essentially like having a child lol.

Anyway if you guys haven't checked it out the new Sugarpill palette is out!! Go check it out, I won't have swatches for a while as I'm on a no buy (my pup ran $350 to adopt then supplies were like $300ish and a vet bill soon, totally worth saving this girl though!).

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  1. Sona is ADORABLE! I'm glad you have a bundle of fluff in your life - they make things all the better (:

  2. Hope your son is all right now and you are all ok. Sona looks gorgeous, such a cute ball of fluff. A no buy policy is definitely worth it for saving a life ♥
    The palette looks really cool though, wishlist material

  3. OMg she's so cute!!
    Im' in love!


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