Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hooray, I'm married!!! May 4th, 2011

So on May 4th, 2011 around 5:30pm I married my wonderful soul mate who I've loved since the moment I met him. It was a beautiful day, minus some issues we had with the dress and my makeup (I made the mistake of having a so called "professional at a salon" do it (I should of listened to my guy who is always right and just done it myself). I was pretty pissed off because I wanted to be pampered on that day of my wedding and I paid her $45 to do it... she didn't even use a primer or blend!

By the time I got to the ceremony site an hour later my eyeshadow had "melted" away. What was even more sad is that I had to give her tips on what she was doing wrong! I had to tell her to do contouring, she didn't do my brows so I had to fill them when I got a chance. She used the same wand from the concealer tube on display to dab it on my eyelids instead of dab it on a palette (gross)! She didn't bother even trying to do concealer anywhere and only used it when I mentioned under my eyes has some dark circle (lack of sleep from wedding stresses).

We had a separate reception day so I used my Dinair makeup kit to do a look for that and I wished I would of done that for the wedding because it looked flawless and stayed on well! Anyway I'll go into details later as I still have guest here and we're getting ready to go out soon!

Note: as soon as things get back to normal I will be doing tutorials, picking winners, and reviews I'm behind on!