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Hooray, I'm married!!! May 4th, 2011

By 5/08/2011

So on May 4th, 2011 around 5:30pm I married my wonderful soul mate who I've loved since the moment I met him. It was a beautiful day, minus some issues we had with the dress and my makeup (I made the mistake of having a so called "professional at a salon" do it (I should of listened to my guy who is always right and just done it myself). I was pretty pissed off because I wanted to be pampered on that day of my wedding and I paid her $45 to do it... she didn't even use a primer or blend!

By the time I got to the ceremony site an hour later my eyeshadow had "melted" away. What was even more sad is that I had to give her tips on what she was doing wrong! I had to tell her to do contouring, she didn't do my brows so I had to fill them when I got a chance. She used the same wand from the concealer tube on display to dab it on my eyelids instead of dab it on a palette (gross)! She didn't bother even trying to do concealer anywhere and only used it when I mentioned under my eyes has some dark circle (lack of sleep from wedding stresses).

We had a separate reception day so I used my Dinair makeup kit to do a look for that and I wished I would of done that for the wedding because it looked flawless and stayed on well! Anyway I'll go into details later as I still have guest here and we're getting ready to go out soon!

Note: as soon as things get back to normal I will be doing tutorials, picking winners, and reviews I'm behind on!

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  1. Congratson getting married. =D

  2. Congratulations! I can't wait to get married, just a case of saving up!

  3. Congratulations! You look beautiful, the dress is to die for! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love that grows stronger each day!

  4. congrats happy for the both of you!!

  5. awwwwww congrats sorry to hear that she didnt do a good job...but im glad u didnt let it ruin ur special day.... u looked beautiful none the less

  6. Congratulations Amy! Can't wait to hear more about your special day :)

    Sorry to hear about your makeup. I had a "professional" do my makeup on my Grad Night and she made me look like a painted whore from a saloon. >.< Terrible.

  8. Congratulations! What a makeup horror story! I'd love to hear more, it sounds like the lady at the salon was a complete disaster! You look beautiful in the picture though!

  9. Sorry to hear about your makeup. That is horrible that she didn't use a primer or contour or anything.. horrid

  10. Belated Congrats on your wedding! So sorry you didn't like the way things went, but I have to say (and not just because I'm a freelancer) that I never recommend getting even makeup done in a salon.

    Generally the person doing makeup in a salon is a cosmetologist or esthetician that spends 95% of her time doing hair, nails or waxes. Their skills just aren't usually up to par, and they're usually limited to using whatever makeup line the spa sells.

    I'd even suggest going to a mall makeup counter over a salon. Girls at the counters touch dozens of faces a week (some times a day) and since they have to compete against other brands, they're more likely to be up on new techniques & products.

    Of course, a true freelancer is a good option because we're not bound to a particular line: I use what I think suits the client best, and since there's no sales pressure or other clients lined up waiting, I can really take time to talk to my client & discover what she wants.

    I totally understand wanting to pamper yourself on your day, and you deserved that experience to be everything you imagined. I'm so sorry that it wasn't, but it sounds like you had a beautiful day despite it, so good for you!


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