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Venomous Cosmetics - Review

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Venomous Cosmetics

A little while ago Anastasia from Lipstick and Lightsabers <3 did a post on Venomous Cosmetics here with some fantastic and tempting swatches. So of course I had to place a small order... really small being on a "no buy" even though I keep breaking it!

I sent a question to the owner Tracy asking about a holiday collection to see if it was limited edition because I'm all about wanting to get those ones first before hand. She responded to me shortly after which was great so I placed my order and got one full size of Mistletoe which is a holiday pressed shadow, 1 sample of Monster Under Your Bed loose shadow, and 1 sample size of Cobalt Blue pressed shadow (although she was kind enough to send me a full size even though there was a wait on the sample).

I placed the order on Sunday Jan 16th, received a shipping notice shortly after letting me know the package was shipping Monday Jan 17th, and on Wednesday Jan 19th I had my package and even though the post office damaged the package the contents were still in one piece because of how well they were wrapped! I was completely impressed by how quickly I got the products and the fact nothing was broken.

To my surprise I also found a few other items sent to try out and review for my readers. :) I was of course inclined to immediately swatch them so I could check out the color pay off and textures.

Now for the swatches...

Note: top is swatched over bare skin bottom is over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

Note: Below I took some pictures for comparison on sizes. :)

I love the cute sample pressed shadow size, enough to try out +! The textures on all the shadows I tried out are very smooth and the color payoff is great! I actually fell in love with Bermuda Triangle even though I'm not very much into yellow shades so I definitely want a full size of that. I also love Candy Heart(which is a valentine palette eyeshadow so hopefully will still be around when I can afford to buy more!), Monster Under Your Bed, and Pegasus!

The site was easy to use and the pictures of the colors were very accurate (at least from what I noticed since I know monitors can vary).

They also have lip products called "Lip Poison" I've yet to try those but they look very intriguing and pretty (damn the no/low buy *looks around wondering if she can sneak in more orders without the fiance noticing!*). 

Price? definitely reasonable, pressed samples are only $2, loose samples $1, full size pressed $6.50, full size loose $7.50.

Packaging? neatly packed, nothing broken even though the post office crushed the box, (wish there were palettes but from the site they will be adding that soon!!), I don't own any 5gram jars so can't say on how those are packaged.

Product? Vibrant, goes on smooth and the color payoff is great.

Would I purchase again? Definitely! Gorgeous colors from what I have seen, they apply very smoothly, and the prices are reasonable.
Disclosure: I received some of these products complimentary from Venomous Cosmetics for review, however this review is my own honest objective opinion on these products.

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  1. Im going to have to google them now thanks for the review!

  2. Oh my gosh do they look tempting *A* I too find it absolutely adorable with their sample sizes as well.

    >o<; I agree it's hard to stop the "no buy" vow as well orz;; I broke mine so badly it's almost gone T___T

  3. Awesome! I can't wait to get my order! Should be here soon, too- I got the shipping notice today (only a couple hours after ordering!) and they're located in Tampa and I'm in Panama City. So, Tuesday or Wednesday.

  4. Silver & coblt blue are amazing!

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  5. Oh I do wish their shipping to Canada wasn't so ridiculously high :(

  6. I really like their products that I tried. The texture is really nice.

  7. Ever since Ana posted her review I've been thinking about them... and your review isn't helping :D .

    (Each time I catch a glimpse of L&L's in a new photo, I go "Oooh!" X) .)


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