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Where's LadycrowX? and upcoming Giveaway

By 12/18/2010

I've been a bit under the weather as well as extremely busy with getting back to work....adjusting to it...along with the winter time destroying my skin/drying my eyes out! I'm going to hopefully be posting a new tutorial soon as well as more swatches of the makeup brands I have.

Also I will be posting a new giveaway as soon as I have a chance to start my pictures of what I'm gathering for it! It's possible in the near future as well we "might" (I say might because it depends on money as I will be purchasing this myself) but there may be a giveaway towards February or March possibly for an airbrush system.

Anyway I hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderful holiday/holidays! :)

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  1. I feel you on the "busy with work", but hopefully after the holidays gets better. Enjoy the holidays!

  2. Woo that sounds exciting :D I've never even seen an airbrush system in person, so it'd be fun to try one out!
    Merry Christmas! X3


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