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Fyrinnae Cosmetics - Review

By 3/04/2010 , ,

Fyrinnae Cosmetics ("fyeer-ih-nay")

Initial first glance/swatching review; tutorial and thoughts to follow when I'm more awake.

I placed my order on February 18th 2010 pretty late at night, I received my order March 3rd 2010 with tracking info keeping me up to date as to where my package was. When I placed my order the frontpage said shipping was 18-22 bussiness days to arrive. (I think it was 18, it was for sure max 22 listed) So I received my order a lot earlier than expected! :)

I was very curious about the Pixie Epoxy I had heard so much about from other bloggers especially the fact that I could use my shadows on top and have them look as vibrant as if I had wet them. I was also curious about the lip lustres because I don't own a ton of lip products and these looked pretty. The scents sounded fantastic also!

Shipping Packaging: the packaging was fantastic on this, everything tightly packaged and neatly might I add.

Inside the envelope was an order form and the rest wrapped in cardboard...but there was more.

The order form had a (Thank you) written at the top.

Inside the cardboard was a black plastic bag, tightly wrapped to keep things safe.

Inside the plastic bag was this cute tiger print tissue paper; again very tightly packaged to keep my pretties safe.

Inside that they had wrapped up the Pixie Epoxy (10ml) and Lip Lustre (3.5ml) in a foam wrap *do you notice pattern of care they take with everything?*

On top of my Sea Otter sample I found a cute JP sticker; guessing it was Fyrinnae_2nd who packaged this one. At least from what he said before about the stickers. :) I also find it cute because I have 3 kitties who harrase me while I'm trying to write my blogs/do tutorials hehe.

I of course had to swatch things right away; swatched dry on top of Pixie Epoxy <3

I ordered sample sizes of the shadows and the samples were very generous enough for a lot of uses! If you look here full size vs. sample though you can see the difference in full size to sample size. I know I will be ordering full sizes because that is a TON of product.

Final thoughts:

Shipping Time: Very quick compared to what was listed! Very impressed since they had been swamped with orders during that time.

Packaging: Care taken in every aspect of this; everything was tightly wrapped and no mess to be found on anything.

Price: Very reasonable;
Shadow samples: $1.75 for 1/4 teaspoon
Shadow full size: $5.25 (weigh approximately 3 grams)
Pixie Epoxy: $7.50 for 10ml
Lip Lustres minis: $2.50 for 3.5ml (note the site states these are for samples and the quality is better in the full size)
Lip Lustres: $4.50 for 5.8ml (full size)

I plan to buy more items to try out including their primers/more lustres/shadows/blushes.

Uniqueness: the names of the shadows themselves makes my geekmeter go from red, yellow, to a solid green (yes I reference guitar hero). Names like Shinigami....(I love Death Note and L), Chaotic Evil (I play D&D although my character is currently trapped in a druid grove by a curse) Anemone (My fantasy dress is being made in a fabric named this). All in all I love the names and the colors are just as unique.

Extras: the sticker was a nice surprise since I'm a dork like that (I love Japanese stuff) plus I horde my extras like they were rations and I was stuck in a never ending dungeon. The Shinigami free sample was an awesome treat and beautiful color.

Shipping Time: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Uniquness: 5/5
+20 bonus for extras

Would you order again? DEFINITELY YES

Tutorial/pictures to follow tomorrow as well as further thoughts. :)

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